Quality A/C Services in Granbury, TX & Surrounding Areas

Need air conditioning services in Granbury, TX? Texas Made Air Conditioning and Heating is only one call away!

We have a complete range of air conditioning services, such as A/C installation, repair, and maintenance. Whether you need a brand new central air conditioner for your new home or you want to replace your old system, our team is ready to help you. We have a team of highly-trained air conditioning installers and technicians who have a great focus on outstanding customer service. Our team undergoes continuing education to stay updated with the latest trends in the HVAC industry.

Our Services Include:

– A/C Installation

– A/C Repair

– A/C Maintenance

Residential A/C service

Fast & Dependable A/C Installation in Granbury, TX

At Texas Made Air Conditioning and Heating, we understand that a properly installed air conditioning equipment is the first step in achieving the optimal indoor comfort you deserve, especially during the hot summer months. That is why it is important to enlist the help of a certified technician to install your new A/C. If you are ready to install a new cooling system in your home, then we would be delighted to provide you with budget-minded solutions.

Same-Day A/C Repair Services

Air conditioning systems are not designed to last forever, and they can malfunction at any time. At Texas Made Air Conditioning and Heating, we are adept at repairing all kinds of air conditioning problems, regardless of the makes and models of your unit. No matter the root of the problem, we can fix it quickly at a price that you can easily afford. We can also do it on the same day that you call us! Contact us today!

Proactive A/C Maintenance

We offer comprehensive maintenance programs that benefit you in many ways. Not only you will enjoy better air quality, but our A/C maintenance solutions are also designed to provide you a longer-lasting system and energy savings. With our A/C maintenance services, you will find it effortless to keep your home cool and comfortable even in the hottest days of summer. Schedule an appointment today!

Your Air Conditioning Experts

Choose Texas Made Air Conditioning and Heating, and experience the indoor comfort that you deserve. From A/C installation to A/C maintenance in Granbury, TX, you can depend on our highly-trained technicians. We will spell C-O-M-F-O-R-T for you!

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